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  • Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP)
  • School Management Application
  • Production Management System
  • Inventory Point of Sales
  • Restaurant Management Application

Software Development on demand

A Software or web app is a client–server software application.The client (or user interface) runs it through a web browser. There are various types of Softwares which include webmail, wikis, office management portal, restaurant management portal, online auctions, instant messaging services and many others.

Softwares are great way to automate your business by cutting down manual efforts. It will help you in many ways to achieve a rapid growth of your business which will take your business to the next level. Tech N Byte offers Software Development on demand.

Affordable & reliableSoftware Development Service


Need a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to manage & enhance the growth of your business?

We've a team of expert web programmers to provide you a complete erp solution for your business


School/Student Management System

Looking for a School Management Application to maintain the students informantion, results etc?

We're offering fully customized School Management Software to help maintain your school in a strategic way.


Production Management System

Looking for a complete production management system for your factory?

Our Production Management System will help you to manage your total production and transactions.


Inventory Point of Sales (POS)

Looking to build a Point of Sales software with inventory management to boost your sales?

Our highly customizable Point of Sales application will enable you to manage your business.


Restaurant Management System

Got a restaurant & looking for some expert solution to build a Software for maintaining thw whole business?

Well, we're providing completely customized restaurant management Softwares to manage & maintain your business & to enhance the growth.

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Key features of ourSoftware Development Service

Software Development Service by Tech N Byte is the right choice for you!

Standard Coding

All our Softwares are developed maintaining the industry standard coding format with proper comments so that any developer may work with it.

Mobile Friendly Layout

We know that the whole is moving to the handhelds. We priotize this while designing front end & develop fully responsive & mobile friendly layouts.

Custom Graphics

We respect the rights of graphic designers. All the graphical works we provide with our Website or Softwares are built by our inhouse experts.

After Sales Support

We've got a whole bunch of passionate, polite & friendly support staffs who will be happy to assist you in troubleshooting issues of our Softwares.

Most frequently askedQuestions

You can call us, email us or may visit our Office to discuss your Project. You may also get a quote from us by clicking the 'get quote' button at the end of relevant web app.

The time span will be determined according to the project. If you want to purchase a pre-built app, you'll get that instantly. But if you're looking to develop a customized one then it will depend on the features of your Software.

The answer is yes & no at the same time. For the pre-built applications we offer moneyback guarantee for a 7 days period of time. But no money back will be applicable in custom Software development service.

Why ChooseTech N Byte?

Affordable Pricing

We offer the most affordable pricing for developing all sorts of Softwares.

W3C Validated Codes

All the codes we use to develop our Softwares are validated by the W3C.


Live Support

We offer 6 months support with our Web Apps over Email & Live Chat.


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